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Presented By Gregory and Robbie Brinkley

A Few Caveats

Although with Samadhi Game! we are Stating the Obvious & Truthful Answers to the Question “Who AM I?”… We Let Everything be As It Is. We Do Not Try to Make It Happen. And yet we are Culturing our Path.

We Are Not Moving Towards… We Are Not Grasping… For Anything.

Beyond The Words… We Relax and Let Go (Into Our Enthusiasm, Our Calm, Our Passion, Our Love)

We Are Transferring our Identity back from the dual-human-ego to Our Divine Identity… The Neutral Witness with Every Samadhi Game! Process.

Although it may Sound as if “We Know of what I speak in Samadhi Game!”… We Rest Still in Our Unknowing!

We Drop The Mantras into the Lake of Silence.

We Do Not Come to Oneness because of Our Knowing… but by Reloading our Unknowing.

We Can NOT See Ourselves… Because We ARE ONE.

This is Natural, Not Mystical... Meditation… No Manipulation… We can Not Fail… as Failure only comes from What You Are Not.

Freedom Hits Fixation… and Fixation Fractures.

We are Not outrunning Our Shadows… As Truth… We Simply Know Shadow.

Samadhi Game! is NOT an Ideology of Good! We Are Free of The Duality of Heaven & Hell!

We Are Knowing OurSelves by Being. We Live in Impermanence NOW.

We Are Taking Away Illusion… Not Gaining Enlightenment. We loose Our Illusion and We Are Awake!

The “Price” of Attainment… Is the Surrender of duality.

The Commentator of Judgement… Gone!

We move in This World AS GOD… Without Definition.

Silence is True… without Thought.

Before… The Prophets and Rishis... Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Atri, Vasishtha, Vedavyasa, Job, Jesus, John of Patmos, Krishna, Buddha, Muhammad, Nephi, Joseph Smith, Jr., Ellen G. White, Elizabeth Clair Prophet, Prabhupada, And ALL… I AM THAT I AM… ETERNITY.

About the Author of Samadhi Game Manifesto of Insight & Awareness

Gregory Donald Brinkley was bitten by the “Enlightenment Bug” at the young age of 10! He was drawn to long meditations of wind on sea gazing out the picture window of his parent’s Malibu beach home upon returning from elementary school. These grew more complex with his discovery of the world of classical music... which began providing an inspiring atmosphere for these sittings.

At age 15 Gregory was taken under the wing of Charles Lutes, business director and initiated teacher of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Guru to the Beatles. Gregory’s meditations were becoming interlaced with the Wisdom of the Ages... Lectures, Group Meditations and Retreats became the norm for his exuberant teenage years.

His natural interest in Integrated Health lead him to studying Nutrition at UCLA’s Graduate School of Public Health... all the while putting aside time each day for regular profound meditation, Hatha Yoga and spiritual study.

In 1988 Gregory founded “20 Carrots Natural Food Store” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, for the next 11 years he practiced Nutritional Counseling and Held Regular Meditations after store hours for his University of New Mexico student and teacher clientele.

The year 2000 saw Gregory take up the Noble Practice of Massage Therapy when he Founded “Ascending to Primera Agua Healing and Enlightenment” as a way of sharing his Life Experience of Health and Spirituality in a practical hands on way. 2000 also marked the initiation of the writing of The “Samadhi Game!” Manifesto of Enlightenment... which took form and revision over the next 14 years, based on Gregory’s lifetime of Spiritual Practice.

With the development of Technology, Gregory created the “Samadhi Game Tribe” on Facebook in 2009. Here regular Samadhi Game! (SAGA) Meditations are Broadcast LIVE via the Ustream Server to hundreds that have found “Samadhi Game!” to be the Core Spiritual Practice in their Lives. These LIVE “Meditations” are possible in this formate only for the Unique Affirmations Said Aloud by the viewers creating a spiritual and physical resonance far more romantic than silent meditations attempted in the same LIVE formate.

Gregory Donald Brinkley lives with his wife and 3 children at his home they have named “Sunny Mellow”, in Tijeras, New Mexico. Here, even as he and his wife Robbie reach out to the world with SAGA Meditations, he continues to be a Pillar in the New Mexico Community of Healing and Enlightenment with his continuing Local SAGA Meditations, Dietary Advice and the his own Uniquely Created Form of Healing Therapeutic Massage.
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