A Manifesto of Insight & Awareness… Playing With The Source Code of Enlightenment

Ⅰ… Recognizing Your Divine Identity

Ⅱ… Deciphering Your Hungry Ghost & Headless Shadow

Ⅲ… Developing Your Alchemical Momentum

Ⅳ… Achieving Your Unique Masculine/Feminine Balance

Ⅴ… Living With Tantric Awareness & Abundance

The Goal of Samadhi Game!

Methodology Implementation

Strategies of the Game

Individualized Samadhi!

The Refined Speech (In Understandable English) of Love, Wisdom and Power!

Awareness, Acceptance
Acknowledgement, Adoration
Devotion, Surrender
Protection, Momentum
Consistance, Creativity
Discernment, Alchemy
Transmutation, Reconciliation
Precipitation, Manifestation

Music Credits

Honor (Main Title Theme from "The Pacific")

Composed by… Geoff Zanelli, Hans Zimmer & Blake Neely

© 2014 SamadhiGame!

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